Top 5 SEO Trends that you must not overlook this year

In SEO and SEM

Moving towards the ‘no-search’ future:

Mobiles are known to overtake the desktop search and more voice searches will surely set the stage on fire. Google’s ultimate goal is to build constructive search which requires less efforts and better results which masses can associate and believe in. In SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) terms, this No search futures means audience engagement through Proxies.

Voice Searching and Mobile searching:

Web searching trends are shifting on a faster than ever pace and nothing is as simple they used to be. However, Google is set to make things easier and affordable for common people, therefore, will be focusing on mobile search and voice searching. Users, are prone to browse and research online via mobile devices and they also want to keep away from the pain of typing and using keyboards and that’s why we can understand why Google is spending so much on the direct answer and detail development on the search pages itself. Moreover, people are also tilted towards voice speech search, so that once they speak a question; they will get an answer in return.

Importance of Meta Tags:

While many of the small scale websites do not lay emphasis on using Meta tags and headers but soon there will be a revolution and using meta tags will become crucial. Google has well placed and written headers and Meta tags. Meta descriptions, though they won’t help in ranking yet they act as a kind of Ad copy for search engine result pages. Ensure that you are using H1 tags as well as a description that is unique, accurate and describing the main topic in short lines.

Speedy Results:

Speed is what we all seek and we all want websites and search results that are easier to load and have the capability to show up in seconds. SEO need to work hard this year on website, image and other media optimization to adapt to the dire increasing need of speed. They need to optimize and engage with customers, without compromising on the quality of content.

Site Wide Search Engine Optimization:

Ensure that you are practicing SEO site wide and not just on a particular element of the website. Proper optimization is the key and it can amplify your performance to manifolds. If you do not have proper SEO on the place, on page SEO performance is almost diminished to half. Off-page SEO, each page of content, On page SEO all are accountable and will help you place better in the organic search results as well.

While these all are expert predictions for best in place SEO practices, more is yet to come. The SEO is vast and forever changing. No one can deny the spontaneity of Google and thus predicting something accurately is impossible. Start with these ones and stay tuned for more information.

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