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TOP 7 BUSINESS LEADERS OF 2015: While every individual yearns to be an entrepreneur at some stage in life, there are these few who have ventured into it and embraced success with open arms. Some look upon them as legends, few as role-models and others – simply jealous of what they have achieved. Here’s the list of top 7 Business leaders of 2015

7. Lei Jun, CEO – Xiaomi

It is this Company which has told the world that Yes! Even Chinese Smart Phones can be awesome. And it is not only mobiles, the Company is also venturing into selling air purifiers, GoPro-like cameras, and Hi-Fi headphones. Perhaps, a long way to go!

6. Mary Dillon, CEO – Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty has rocked the glam biz by offering the wide range of products, salon services and stores in close proximity with customers, thus generating awe-inspiring revenues in the retail segment. At the helm of affairs, Dillon has been the CEO of the Company for the last two years and successfully balancing Ulta’s e-commerce and store business. Last year, its stock prices took a flight of a good 42%.

5. Ajay Banga, CEO – MasterCard

It will not be incorrect to state that Banga has taken MasterCard to new heights. The Company has doubled its revenues and profits in the last five years. Banga’s success comes from his aggressive approach to acquiring various companies. The last two years have seen a sweeping rise of 40% in the shares of MasterCard and in revenues, $10 billion.

4. Tim Cook, CEO – Apple

Ah! The man who was under the scanner of the world when he succeeded the legendary, Steve Jobs. Cook, however, was determined to rise Apple to another level. While he successfully led the Company to a gradual cultural transformation, he garnered applause from all around the world when Apple launched its new built-from-scratch product, the Apple watch. Also, the Company has launched debut services like Apple Pay and Apple Music. Not to forget the whooping sales of latest iPhones all around the world. Cook’s successful stint has thus given the Company $53 billion profits last year.

3. Andrew Wilson, CEO – Electronic Arts

Before he took the reins in his hand, the Company was suffering heavy losses since four years, amounting to a total of $2.5 billion. On a mission to succeed, Wilson turned the tables in his favor when the sales of EA’s core console games soared up. The results – EA booked earnings of $875 million in 2014 as a steady flow of profits continue to move into the Company.

2. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO – Facebook

Oh! Do we have to introduce him? Facebook alone has over 1.5 billion monthly users, let alone its subsidiaries viz. WhatsApp with 900 million reaches, Messenger having 700 million reaches and Instagram, 400 million people reach per month. And yet there was a day when people denied any chances of Facebook generating profits. Operating margins of Zuckerberg’s company are above 25% and year-over-year revenue growth are above 40%.

1. Mark Parker, CEO – Nike

As a successor of the successful Nike co-founder Phil Knight, Parker had this uncanny challenge to outperform the expectations. And the numbers say it all – ever since he has stepped into the shoes (“in the literal sense of the term “) he has managed to double the revenues and profits of the already boosting Company. Not only this, the stock prices of Nike rose six times under his watch.

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