Traffic Sources Every Online Marketer Should Be Testing

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You can achieve a lot of success in your business with a website. A website can give your business an online presence. Through a website, you can reach your target audience easily. People who are searching for the products and services that you provide can find you easily if you have a website. There is no doubt that having a website is essential if you want to achieve massive success in your business.

But at the same time, you also have to keep in mind that you must also perform marketing for your website. Having a website is essential — but your job is not done after you get a website ready for your business. It’s not sufficient that you have a beautiful website. You also have to market it to the right people so that they can know about your business. How will they come to your website if you don’t inform them about your amazing site?

Through marketing, you will be able to inform your target customers about your products and services. Once they know about your website, they will visit it. And they may also purchase from your website.

So getting traffic is important. If nobody visits your website, you will not get any profit from your site. The more people visit it, the better it is for you because more traffic you have, the more it is likely that they will convert into your customers.

So it’s obvious that you need a lot of traffic to your website in order to succeed on the Internet. But how will you get traffic? What are the biggest traffic sources?

This post will inform you of the best traffic sources that you, as a business owner and as an online marketer, should be testing.

The traffic sources mentioned in this post are the basic ones and these traffic sources are the main ones for any website on the Internet. Although there are many other sources from where you can get traffic to your website, these are the ones that play the major role.

Search Engines

Search engines are among the major traffic sources. If your website ranks on search engines like Google, you can actually get a huge amount of traffic if you can rank for keywords that have high search volume.

Now the question is how you can rank on search engines. The first thing that you need to in order to rank on search engines is that you need to optimize your website for SEO, keeping in mind that over-optimization will hurt your site’s SEO performance.

The second thing that you can do is that you can write blog posts on your website on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to draw organic traffic to your site. Google loves to rank active sites that are updated regularly. So if your site is updated with new content regularly, you will get a lot of new visitors to your website.

Remember that writing on any topics will not work. First of all, you have to write on topics that are related to your products, services, and your business. And secondly, you have to understand what your target customers might like reading about.

If your business is about food, your target audience are people who love to experiment with new foods regularly. They are foodies in simple words. So you have to write about food, tips about food, etc. to attract them. You have to analyze and try to know what they might search on Google and other search engines. You have to write blog posts on topics that they search for. In this way, you can attract a great number of people to your business, who might actually become your customers.

It’s necessary that you perform a lot of analysis and research to know what your target customers search for on the Internet. If you know who your target audience are, you can easily guess what kind of topics will work for your business. By doing some keyword research, you can get hot keywords around which you can build useful posts.

Keyword research tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner will give you details like search volume for any keywords and will also give you many other relevant keyword ideas. When you regularly publish blog posts about those keywords, people who are searching for those keywords / search terms may find your blog posts on Google and other search engines.

People generally don’t look beyond the first page on search engines. They rarely go beyond the first page. So it’s important that your blog posts appear on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Social media

You can also get a lot of traffic through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. To get visitors from these channels, you have to have pages on these platforms, and then you have to give useful posts regularly.

In each of your social media posts, you can paste a link to your website so that your social media fans can learn about your business.

It takes time to build reputation for a brand on any social media platform. But you will get great traffic to your site if you can have patience. Over time, your fan base will become larger if you post great things regularly.

The quality of your posts is of great importance. Make sure that you’re not annoying your fans by giving posts that are not so relevant to them. You have to keep your social media profiles active by updating it regularly with fresh posts that are super useful.

Posting on multiple social media sites multiple times a day takes a lot of time. But the good news is that social media sites like Facebook allow you to schedule your posts so that you don’t have to visit Facebook again and again to publish your posts.

There are some amazing online tools such as HootSuite and Zoho Social that automate some of your social media management tasks and save you a lot of time.

Online advertisement

You can also use online advertisement if you have the budget. There are many great companies such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, which allow you to place advertisements on their platforms. Big companies have big budgets. So they can spend a lot in advertisements. In fact, they pay a lot in advertisements because of the kind of results they recieve.

You will also get traffic with a small budget. But a big budget will give you a huge amount of traffic while a smaller budget will not produce that kind of result — it’s a simple fact.

In order that your ad money is not wasted on these platforms, you need to target wisely. You have to show ads only to your target customers. This way, you can save a lot of money by not showing ads to people who will not probably buy from your business.

Each of these advertisement platforms has tools that allow you to reach the right people who will possibly become your customers. If you know how to use these tools effectively, you can get more results spending less money.

There are experts who has a lot of experience in Google Ads and other advertisement programs. They can help you in setting up effective ad campaigns that bring results. You can take professional advice from marketing gurus, but taking help from them will cost you extra money.

My suggestion for you is that you have to run small experiments. Through experiments, you can learn which technique will work and which will not. Spending a large sum of money in an ad campaign assuming that it will produce great results is not at all a wise decision. It may waste a lot of money.

Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing or WOM marketing is, in my opinion, the most powerful form of marketing. When you deliver exceptionally high-quality services and provide super useful products, your customers will become highly satisfied. Then they may tell their friends about your company after getting impressed by the quality of your products and services.

Thus, their friends may use your products and services, and after getting satisfied, they may also recommend your company to other people. This is how the news that your company produces great quality products and provides amazing services can spread rapidly.

As a result, a huge number of people can know about your business in a very short time. This kind of marketing is known as word of mouth marketing. In this case, you don’t have to actively go for marketing, you don’t need to put any effort into telling people about your business. Rather, your happy customers will do the marketing job for you.

The only thing you have to do is — you need to focus on customer satisfaction. You have to amaze them by the quality of your products and services.

When your happy customers tell people and recommend your company to others, many people will visit your website to know more about your products and services that you offer. So word of mouth marketing can also be a great source of traffic to your website.

This article talked about the main traffic sources every online marketer should be testing. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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