Professional Web Development Company Vs. Freelancer: Who Should you Hire?

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A business website has become a digital calling card. It gives a stage for any business to share their offering and drive potential customers. It encourages companies to achieve their several marketing goals, aid to build reliability and build your brand.

With a website holding great importance for your business, you now think of who do you approach for web development? A professional web development company or a freelancer? Without further ado, let’s have a look.


S No. Factor Web Development Company Freelancer
1 Reliability As an established company, Web Development Companies are extremely reliable in concerning the project completion, launch, and implementation. Freelancers may disappear midway in the project, as they’re managing part-time.
2 Flexibility Development companies have ample resources to deal with large and complex web projects. Different teams will handle their specific part of the project. Lack the expertise in handling all the aspects of project single-handedly.
3 Ongoing Customer Support Companies unquestionably give better support by their dedicated customer support team and give security updates as well as technical supervision even after the website is launched. It is challenging for freelancers to give post support, simply due to lack of time.
4 Professionalism Companies have a dedicated unit of developers and designers who know what it needs to program and design an effective business website.

They are aware of latest technology trends to assure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

Freelancers are usually working solely on various projects. So, the work is commonly done during their free time for part-time money.

They usually lack the skills and resources to embrace new technologies and tools.

5 Experience A well-established company is highly experienced with a huge client base. They have developed sites for businesses with different niches. Freelancers have a limited client base with often having same requirements.
6 Ability to meet Deadlines By having a team of experts, a company can dedicate added resources whenever needed to get the project launched on time. Depends on Freelancer ability, as they’re working on multiple projects simultaneously.
7 One stop contact for all your needs Companies usually dedicates an account manager during the entire project allowing you to manage the project comfortably. You have to hire multiple freelancers for different aspects and requirements of the project.
8 Safety and Security Paying to a properly registered company with good presence is safer and reliable. Paying to freelancers can be insecure as the payment is sent to an email address, making it near hard to check if genuine or not.
9 Proper Documentation and Contract Web development companies follow proper documentation that offers you protection from legal risks or copyright infringement lawsuits in future. Freelance provide no such documentation.
10 Quality Assurance Stringent Quality Checks and testing before launching the website. Most of the freelancers lack the resources or skills to test websites professionally.



In a nutshell, no matter what type of web development services you are exploring, just make sure that you study reviews of the company or the freelancers you are choosing for the task. It also depends on how much budget you have.

Do you want little modifications in your current site? Maybe a freelancer might work. If you are looking for a perfect package with stringent deadlines, then a professional Web Development Company will be a better choice.

A web development company is a one-stop shop for your organization with an experienced team with long-term assistance.

It’s very enticing to hire freelancers on a cheap budget, but it can give you nightmares if they vanish into the air in the middle of a project. Then again the choice lies with you, your current requirements and your budget. So, pick carefully.

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