7 Website Design Trends for 2016

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7 Website Design Trends for 2016

7 Website Design Trends for 2016: Developing a website and updating it regularly are TWO different things. And if you too are one of the lazy cat sitting over that traditional design since ages, it’s time to set fire to your chair, NOW! If not, be prepared to bear the brunt of loss in traffic and drop in rankings.

Surely, No Webmaster would be willing to see such downfall. Check out these latest trends in website designs that you can use in 2016, on-the-go.

1. New Concept – Almost Flat

The designers have long discovered that simplicity is the key ingredient of attraction. The designs are now simple, colors are bold and bright and typography is used to a great extent. These were termed as the “Flat Designs“. To cite an example, the interface of Windows 8 is perhaps the best answer, which however had failed to garner appreciation from the users.

So, to balance the flat and yet-not-flat designs, the concept of almost flat began to float in the market. So now, some elements on the site have depth and dimensions to create a beautifully balanced design. Try this trick to be simple and bold at the same time.

2. Illustrations and Artworks

Even if your site is decked up with beautiful images, it is advisable to shift to illustrations and artworks in 2016. Design elements like these will not only enhance the beauty of your site but also give you an upper hand over your competitors since artworks cannot be replicated easily.

And obviously, you need not be a designer yourself. There are hordes of freelance designers just waiting for a knock on their door by vendors. Browse through their artworks and select the best bet for you.

3. Typography – find the right way out

Typography – the word itself defines the meaning of it. However, it is not restricted to using letters and alphabets to create artworks but the beauty of it depends on the smartness of using it. Learn the correct use of typography in 2016 and infuse a surge of freshness into your website.

Now again, although plethora of fonts are available to get you through but customized fonts designed by a professional will add a tinge of uniqueness to your typo.

4. Use Static but high quality Images

Either your website has no images or it is stuffed with low-resolution images – a big NO for both the options or to put it better, these are not even considered to be options in 2016.

You got to shell out and use some high quality images for your website. You can either use a single image spanning from one end to other on your page or you can use a series of them to create a beautiful story defining your brand. Remind you, some quirky text describing the image will be like a cherry on cake.

5. The latest trend of moving images

If you already have some good quality images on your site, here’s a chance for you to upgrade it with the new trend of moving images, or cinema graph, as they call it. The best part of using cinema graphs is that they speak more than images and consumes less bandwidth than videos.

Needless to say, it will also liven up the background of your site and get your viewers hooked for at least 15 percent more time than usual.

6. Let your site interact with your viewers

Presenting an interactive design, hosting questionnaires on your home page or presenting some interesting image stories is the best way to engage your viewers. It is pertinent to drill the question, “What’s coming next?” in the mind of your viewers.

How does this trick work? Well, it’s human. All of us love stories and if browsing through a few images or clicking a few tabs helps to know an intriguing story, everyone would love to know it.

Set your creative brains to work and think of something intriguing and interesting for your website in 2016.

7. Simple, User friendly Designs

Gone are the days when the websites used to be stuffed with detailed content, images, information, reports, flickers, etc. all on one page. Move on, guys! The trend has changed – simple is the new friend.

With so many free and premium version templates available on the go over the Internet, it has become all the more important in 2016 to revamp your old stuffed website and make it simple, sober!


So, if you are seriously thinking on good rankings in 2016, this will be your first step to success. Depending upon your brand and type of content on your site, you can use any of the above techniques to build just the right website for you.

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