Window 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries

In Window 10

Window 10 Free Upgrade: The vision behind the Window 10 was one platform, perfect store and an experience that extends across the million of devices, covering small and large all screens.

For Microsoft, Window 10 Free Upgrade begins to deliver according to their vision for personal computing. In this advanced world, An experience is all about moving seamlessly and smoothly across your gadgets. Interaction with the new technology is important same as Interaction with people. Using gadgets, pen, audio all are necessary and in our technological world, privacy is important to protect the information.

In case of window 10, its been unique from the beginning, created by the feedback of million of window insiders, with the innovation and updates, delivered as a service and offered free upgradation to Window 7, Window 8.1 and Window phone 8.1 users.

Over the weeks, it’s been displayed that how the window delivers its capabilities to tablets, phones, PCs, etc. Microsoft is blissful to create window 10, it’s available in 190 countries. The launch of window is celebrated with the fans across the globe. You can vote for a global nonprofit to receive a donation, by simply social handle tagging and can use #UpgradeYourWorld and #vote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Microsoft and its partners are ready for a new era of windows, hopefully you will join them.

Here below are some features of Window 10:

  • Familiar Start Menu, Desktop and Taskbar and quite fast.
  • OneDrive Online Storage
  • Compatible with hardware, software and other peripherals.
  • Free updates for features and security
  • Offering window defender and smart screen
  • You can easily switch between apps

There are a number of other features, Click here: Great Features in Window 10. If you want more Window 10 Visit

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