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There are a number of ways to spend Online money for the growth of your business. Selecting the paid traffic source can be overwhelming. When you are working on the marketing of your business, the focus is necessary. I have identified some paid traffic sources that you should be testing before opting some other option. here is list paid traffic option online marketer should be try.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is a versatile source for search and display advertising. Targeting the traffic by Online search is an exemplary way to understand the needs of your customers and make them convinced to buy your products. This tool is highly effective for the targeting audience is ready to purchase. If we talk about Google display network, due to the banner blindness, we don’t see these ads much. The Google display network has enormous reach but thinks about re-targeting before you drop a lot of money on people suddenly clicking your advertising.



Facebook Ads:

In the recent past time, Facebook ad has evolved a great deal. These days every Intelligent Online Marketer is using this platform for promoting his business as this is an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your web page. While setting up an add, you can select the type of people you want to target based on their gender, age, place, occupation. You can also target the audience similar to your existing customer base. You can make the audience targeted on the basis of demographic, geographic, contextual or behavioral basis.

Facebook Ads


Linkedin Ads:

Linkedin Ads are highly beneficial for B2B marketing. There are three advertisement options on this platform sponsored updates, display and text ads, and InMail. Here is the great scope for B2B marketers and it is hard for B2B marketers to not get attracted by this platform. You can target people by job title and function. You can also target on the basis of gender, age, skills, industry, school, group, etc. Pricing of this network is based on cost-per-click, and it is quite costly.


Twitter Ads:

Twitter is another major social media platform pretty attractive targeting options. The first one: you can target the people who are tweeting about a particular program. That is not enough for driving huge traffic, though. One can also target the audience by followers, keywords and interests. Another interesting option is card feature, which allows you to collect the email addresses of people without leaving twitter.

In the end all I can, there is a mixed variety of pay-per-click advertising. As you understand the value and the needs of your customers, you will be able to find the best path to promote your business.


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