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No one hates to be lucky and people who see others go lucky and feel that it is through their luck are on the wrong side. Luck and achievements often have a personal impact. This statement can be supported by the fact that most of the successful people are not born wealthy, or have inherited fortunes or qualities or believe in destiny! Super successful ones do not rely on their fate to reach the top instead they take on to the initiative to bring in good luck and fortune to their lives. Here are 9 Smart ways to get Super Successful and create your own Luck:

They are an optimist: Every single incident in our lives has two poles and these people never let the negative feel take over their zeal. The look at each thing and try to utilize and manipulate it to their own advantage and well-being.

Instead of fixing their present, they head towards their future and they believe that though past is their teacher, but it also has magnetic potential that can distract their progress. They adopt the innovative approach and learn from their past, implement in their present, and try for the future.

They say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity, possibility and chances. They start things that might never lead to things they had wanted but they understand that time is limited and they have to do as much as they can in that frame. They invest their energy in greatest odds to get greater wins.

Waiting is never their cup of tea: They create opportunities and their own path to success. When all the doors are close, they find the seed of a new idea and plan actions when others are busy recognizing their faults.

They are head hunters that jump on to challenges in their life and believe in fighting obstacles without even giving a second thought. They want to leverage the benefits of every possible reason that might get successful or even fail after digging in.

They make tangible goals without understanding their vision and what will satiate their desires. They have their own clear vision and goals which they work upon, articulate and keep details within their mind.

Restlessness is one of the most admired traits of a successful people. They are appropriately persistent and know how much they need to push their ideas. They have a sound understanding when to stop pushing out of the boundaries, accept failures, or which ideas will simply won’t work even if they invest a lot into it.

They never stop practicing and learning and they are never satisfied with the knowledge they have. A person who has an understanding of changes and who strives to keep him with those changes is hard to beat!

Impatience is what makes a difference between success and failures. This is a shallow trait and most of the successful people believe that No pain no gains and the pain is worth the results through cumbersome processes. This helps them in a long run.

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